sabato 25 febbraio 2017

Certificate Lech 6m x 2,5m

LECH, 6m x 2,5m, venice on wood board 400kg, 2017

believe it or believe it not: its decadence or not if i mixed champagne into the colors and champagne to clean the paint brushes. but thats how i worked for this painting in 4:30 hours in the austrian alps, at lech the richest village in austria today and the poorest village more than 100 years ago. the street brought them the money. the identical connection between lech am arlberg and the piazza garraffello in palermo are my flowers, the square with the most expensive real estates in town, the ruin oneself by speculation.

the difference to my palermo interventions is that my lech painting is a capital object and since yesterday the galerie gregor k. and me did an accordance with a family that is the owner now and they will give it to public, but in different ways, in ways they´ll think its gonna be alright. i know its in good hands, because till now its one of the smoothest pictures what i saw from lech and thats why i did it in fast and hard dynamic conditions, like that i never can do it again.


uwe jäntsch & galerie gregor k.
1999 die schwarze madonna und kl. alpzug, bregenz (A)
2000 der 20. raum, guten tag und aufwiedersehen, bregenz (A)
2002 raum nr 24, flügel von tauben berühren, bregenz (A)
2017 4 stunden galerie gregor k. lech (A)


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